Find Your Heritage with MyHeritage – The In-Depth GenealogistThe In-Depth Genealogist

Learn more about MyHeritage the latest website added to patron computers at JCGL.   We will be able to offer free access to MyHeritage on member’s home computers so don’t opt for the reduced subscription rate unless you are a non-member.   Find Your Heritage with MyHeritage – The In-Depth GenealogistThe In-Depth Genealogist.

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Registration for Judy Russell’s Webinar

Judy’s topic is “Photos and Fair Use:  Copyright Law for Genealogists.   Time is 5 pm PDT on Thursday June 18th. (today!)Click the link to register. Registration.

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Join now and save on a Fold3 Membership

Join now and save on a Fold3 Membership.

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Break Through Your Brick Walls Today Using Facebook: Here’s How | Family History Daily

Here’s a great post on Family History Daily telling you how to use Facebook to solve your genealogy problems.   I keep hearing about how there’s a lot of genealogy help on Facebook, first from Internet Genealogy magazine on pursuing WWII info and now from Family History Daily.

Come on folks, Facebook Friends don’t bite!

Break Through Your Brick Walls Today Using Facebook: Here’s How | Family History Daily.

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June 2015 News and Events Rogue Valley Genealogical Society/Jackson County Genealogy Library

Classes, Workshops, and Events

All classes are held at the Jackson County Genealogy Library, 3405 S. Pacific Highway.  Where indicated please register in advance and check for fees.

Tue, June 2
FTM 2014Family Tree Maker (PC) User’s Group, 1:30-3:00 pm
This informal, casual group meets the first Tuesday of each month. Participants are encouraged to bring problems or concerns, etc. and as a group we try and resolve these issues. It is a great way to keep connected and share information, too. Free and Fun! Call 541-512-2340, email, or stop by to register.

Fri, June 5
FTM 2014Family Tree Maker Class –Creating Maps and Books, 10:30am-12:30pm
FTM adds locations to a “master list” of places. You can use this master list to view and create maps and satellite images that can be attached to your tree. Finally, using the facts, notes, photos, charts, reports and maps you have included in your tree, you can easily publish books using the desktop book building feature built into the FTM software.   $10 for members, $20 for non-members. Call 541-512-2340, email, or stop by to register.

Sat, June 6
broken-brick-wallBrick Wall Roundtable, 10:30am-12:30pm
Bring your questions and get suggestions and answers to break through your brick walls. Andrea Patterson facilitates this session. Donation gratefully accepted.  Call 541-512-2340, email, or stop by to register.

Tue, June 9
icon-jamboree-handshake-logoSCGS Jamboree Online Videos #1, 7-9pm

J. H.”Jay” Fonkert, CG

Five Tips for Successful Research in a New Location.   When tackling a new locale, get to know the geography, the local history, the record-keeping jurisdictions, the range of available records, and the researchers who know their way around town. Gen1, Gen2. J. H. (“Jay”) Fonkert, CG(sm) is a director of APG, a trustee of the BCG Education Fund, and a past president of the Minnesota Genealogical Society. He has published more than 30 research and teaching articles in Minnesota GenealogistThe SeptsFamily ChronicleNGS Magazine and the National Genealogical Society Quarterly, and has spoken at society meetings and major conferences in eight states and provinces. Genealogy experience level: Newbie, Beginner, Advanced Beginner

Blaine T. Bettinger, PhD, JD and Paul Woodbury

Genetic Genealogy and the Next Generation This session provides and introduction to genetic genealogy for youth and describes the role that DNA will play in the future of family history. Blaine T. Bettinger, PhD, JD, is an intellectual property attorney at Bond, Schoeneck and King in Syracuse, NY. Dr. Bettinger is the author of The Genetic Genealogist, a blog that examines the intersections of traditional genealogical techniques and modern genetic research since 2007. Paul Woodbury is a recent graduate of Brigham Young University where he studied Genetics and Family History. He has been involved in family history research for 15 years. Currently he works as a client researcher and private contractor in conjunction with The DNA Detectives. He specializes in French, Spanish, Scandinavian and genetic genealogy. Genealogy experience level: Newbie, Beginner
Wed, June 10
Family Tree Maker –Mac User’s Group, 10:00-11:30am 
Barbara MacMillen is the facilitator of this informal group discussing FTM, Genealogy and Mac computers. Call 541-512-2340, email, or stop by to register.

Tue, June 16
3rd Tuesday Public Program and Members Meeting, 1:30-3:00pm
“Costume Periods of Western Civilization”
rosenbergwebDeborah Rosenberg, professor of costume history, costume design, costume construction, and stage makeup at Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon, will present an overview of the costume periods of Western Civilization from the beginning of recorded history until the present day. In the time allotted, she will touch on the names, dates and a brief description of each period to provide a sense of the characteristics associated. She will bring a book list and suggestions for further study. Free.

Deborah Rosenberg came to SOU from New York where she worked as costume designer and costume shop supervisor at Ithaca College. She also designed costumes for State University of New York at Brockport and at Niagara University in New York State. Her professional credits include costume designs for the The Alley Theatre in Houston, the Berkshire Theatre Festival in Stockbridge, Mass., and Shakespeare and Company in Lenox, Mass.

SCGS Jamboree Online Videos #2, 7-9pm

icon-jamboree-handshake-logoDr. Michael D. Lacopo

  • Finding and Utilizing German Church Records Many of us have German-speaking European ancestors but are afraid to tackle the next steps across the Atlantic. Your lecturer will show examples of German church records, how to decipher them and how to overcome the fear of German script. Dr. Michael D. Lacopo is a retired small-animal veterinarian born and raised in Northern Indiana. He takes a scientific approach to his research as he does to his profession. Researching since 1980, he has lectured internationally and written for numerous periodicals and journals. A self-described “all-American mutt,” his research skills cover a broad range. Michael is author of the popular HoosierDaddy Blog at Genealogy experience level: Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

icon-jamboree-handshake-logoLisa Louise Cooke

  • Google Tools and Procedures for Solving Family History Mysteries In this session we will put Google to the test. Discover Google tools and the process for using them to solve the genealogical challenges you face. You’ll walk away with exciting new techniques you can use right away. Louise Cooke is the founder of Genealogy Gems, a genealogy and family history multi-media company. She is the producer of the Genealogy Gems Podcast, the popular online genealogy audio show, downloaded over 1.5 million times, available at & iTunes. She produces The Family Tree Magazine Podcast, writes for the magazine and is the author of four popular books. Genealogy experience level: Intermediate

Wed, June 17
scandinavian flagScandinavian Interest Group Meeting, 10:00-11:30am
Betty Miller, facilitator.  Meet with others interested in researching their Scandinavian Ancestry.
Free.  Call 541-512-2340, email, or stop by to register.

Sat, June 20
How to Start Your Genealogy Project, 10:30am-12:00pm

Charleen Brown

Charleen Brown

Charleen Brown teaches the paper and pencil basics of gathering information to start your family tree. What you should know and do before you begin researching on the computer. You will learn:
• How to fill out and use an ancestor chart • How to find information at home
• The types of documentation and why it is important • The uses of the family group sheet
• Simple ways to organize information • How to continue your project. Free. Call 541-512-2340,, or stop by to register.

Tue, June 23
Quilts and Genealogy Talks: “The McKee Family”, 1-2 pm 
JMQ McKee Bridge 003“The McKee Family” by Evelyn Byrne Williams – The story of the McKee Bridge, told in a quilt designed by a descendant of the McKee family and expanded with genealogical research. It enhances our understanding of Rogue Valley days and brings us lasting memories. This is a one hour talk, come and learn about how quilts can be connected to genealogy. Free.

SCGS Jamboree Online Videos #3, 7-9pm

icon-jamboree-handshake-logoLisa A. Alzo, MFA

  • No Easy Button: Using Immersion Genealogy to Understand Your Ancestors Learn how to take your research a step further to understand your ancestors’ lives through “immersion genealogy”–the process of discovering where they lived, worked, and worshipped, and much more. Lisa A. Alzo, M.F.A., is a freelance writer, instructor, and internationally recognized lecturer, specializing in Slovak/Eastern European genealogical research, writing your family history, and using the internet to trace female and immigrant ancestors. She is the author of nine books and hundreds of magazine articles. Genealogy experience level: Newbie, Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional, Communicator

icon-jamboree-handshake-logoCyndi Ingle

  • Plotting, Scheming and Mapping Online The Internet is a source for a variety of maps and geographical tools that will help you in your research. From new maps and atlases with online driving directions to old gazetteers with county lines and ancient place names, the Internet has them all. We’ll explore those resources, ideas for using them and integrating them into your research routine. Cyndi Ingle, a genealogist for more than 34 years, is the creator of Cyndi’s List; author of three books for genealogical research on the Internet; a past-member of the board of directors for the National Genealogical Society and active member in several other Genealogical groups. Genealogy experience level: Newbie, Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Intermediate

Tue, June 30
Irish Interest Group, 1 – 2:30 p.m. 
vector_ship_blueThe new Irish Interest Group will meet to discuss Irish heritage, migration, research and other topics of interest to the group.  Cathy Murphy will facilitate this meeting.  All who are interested in becoming part of this Irish Interest group are encouraged to attend.  Free.  Call 541-512-2340, email, or stop by to register.

SCGS Jamboree Online Videos #4, 7-9pm

icon-jamboree-handshake-logoPaula Stuart-Warren, CG, FMGS, FUGA

  • Midwestern and Plains States Level Census Records Learn about the indexes, varied extensive personal details included, locating the censuses and alternate sources. Provides an overview for IL, IN, IA, KS, MI, MN, MO, ND, OH, SD, and WI. Some are drool-worthy! Paula Stuart Warren, CG, FUGA, FMGS works full-time in genealogical and historical research, lecturing, consulting, & writing. She is a Course Coordinator for SLIG & GRIP, is on the board of FGS, former officer of APG & former board member of the Minnesota Genealogical Society. Her articles & lectures focus on unusual resources, manuscripts, methodology, analysis, repositories, & Native Americans. Genealogy experience level: Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Advanced

icon-jamboree-handshake-logoAnita Paul

  • Who, What, When, Where? Using Journalism Techniques to Write Your Story Journalists get to the point with their writing. Learn proven techniques to do the same when writing your family’s genealogy story. Anita R. Paul, the Author’s Midwife, helps researchers, professionals, and entrepreneurs enhance their expertise, position their platform and build their brand by becoming a published author. Through her Write Your Life program, authors overcome the struggles of writing, publishing, and marketing a book, so they can leverage the book for success. Genealogy experience level: Intermediate, Advanced, Professional, Communicator

Tue, July 7
Family Tree Maker (PC) User’s Group, 1:30-3:00 pm
FTM 2014This informal, casual group meets the first Tuesday of each month. Participants are encouraged to bring problems or concerns, etc. and as a group we try and resolve these issues. It is a great way to keep connected and share information, too. Free and Fun! Call 541-512-2340, email, or stop by to register.

Wed, July 8
Family Tree Maker –Mac User’s Group, 10:00-11:30am 
Barbara MacMillen is the facilitator of this informal group discussing FTM, Genealogy and Mac computers. Call 541-512-2340, email, or stop by to register.


RVGS Member Fair:

Tue, Sept 15th.   RVGS Member Fair:  Submit and share your story!  Please see details in the RVGS News Section of this issue of the eNews.

Roots Magic User’s  Group 

Roots MagicRoots Magic in ranked among the top genealogy software packages available to users.  If you are interested in joining a Roots Magic User’s Group, call 541-512-2340, email, or stop by to add your name and email address to the class list.  Meetings will be arranged if there is enough interest.


GPGSGrants Pass Genealogical Society will tour JCGL for their June activity. 

Gold Dust Days

Gold Hill Gold Dust Days, Saturday, June 6
“Golden Memories” Family Festival

Victorian Hobbies and Crafts Program, Saturday, June 13
Join Historic Jacksonville, Inc. and local craft guilds for an afternoon
of Victorian Hobbies & Crafts from 12 noon to 4 pm at the historic 1873 Beekman House located at 470 E. California Street in Jacksonville. Follow this link to read more about this event.


June 5-7
Burbank, California
icon-jamboree-handshake-logoSouthern California Genealogical Society Jamboree: Genealogy FANfare
Los Angeles Marriott Burbank, Burbank, CA.

  • 100 + Lectures
  • Workshops | Exhibit Hall
  • Free Sessions Friday AM
  • Speakers include Craig Scott, Judy Russell, Tom Jones
  • 2015 Genetic Genealogy: DNA Day Plus! Thursday, June 4, 2014 from 8:30 am – 7:00 pm

Go to for registration and more information.
Free streaming available from SoCal Jamboree June 5-7; use the link above to view the streaming schedule.


Registration is now open for live streaming of six DNA Day Plus sessions on June 4. The sessions are available on a pay-per-view basis; watch one or two presentations for $20 each, or purchase the entire day of six sessions for just $99.

Speakers for the live-streamed sessions include the cream of the DNA crop: Angie Bush; Blaine Bettinger, PhD, JD; Tim Janzen MD; Kitty Munson Cooper; CeCe Moore; and Judy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGL.

Register here or read the details on the Jamboree Blog.

June 28, 2015 – Portland, OR
GFOThe Genealogical Forum of Oregon is having a hands-on workshop, “Simple Illustrations with Microsoft Word” presented by Laurel Smith on Sunday, June 28, 2015 at the GFO. This workshop will teach you how to create illustrations to add visual interest to your family story. This is a hands-on workshop so bring your laptop.
Event Schedule:
• Understanding the Concepts 1 pm – 2:30 pm
• Break 2:30 pm – 3:00 pm
• Using what you Have Learned 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
The flyer with more information and registration information is posted on their website at The early bird registration of $20 members, $25 nonmembers goes through June 22, 2015. Payment by mailed check or PayPal using Please email any questions to

August 13-15
Arlington, WA
NWGCNorthwest Genealogy Conference 2015
The annual Northwest Genealogy Conference is dedicated to bringing high quality, national level genealogical education to the Pacific Northwest.  NWGC is also committed to supporting local experts and speakers with our incredible venue. The 2015 conference will build upon the success of 2014. Located about one hour north of Seattle, this genealogy conference is right between Seattle and Vancouver British Columbia.  Featured speakers include Judy Russell (Courthouse Day), Angela Packer McGhie (General Genealogy Day), and CeCe Moore (DNA Day). Go to to learn more.
Room and Ride Share Board:
Conference Hotels:

September 17–19
Syracuse, NY
New York State Family History Conference
The New York State Family History Conference will be held in Syracuse, NY. For more information the website is:

September 19
Klamath Falls, OR
cyndi ingleFull Day Seminar with Cyndi Ingle, Founder of Cyndi’s List
Klamath Community College Program Room
1) A Guided Tour of Cyndi’s List 2.0.
2) Ten Resources I Use Every Day: Miscellaneous Tips for the Online Researcher
3) Pin Your Ancestors Down with Google Maps & Google Earth
4) Evernote for Every Genealogist
Members: $35 Non Members: $50

October 17 and 18, 2015 – Seattle, WA
Seattle Genealogical Society 2015 Fall Seminar
TomJones“The Family History Detective: Finding Solutions to Your Toughest Research Problems”, with speaker Dr. Thomas W. Jones, CG, CGL, Co-Editor of National Genealogical Society Quarterly, past APG board member, BCG trustee and president, teacher at BU, IGHR, and SLIG, author of the recently published book Mastering Genealogical Proof
October 17, 2015 (seminar):
– Can a Complex Research Problem Be Solved Solely Online?
– Five Ways to Prove Who Your Ancestor Was (Some Reliable and Others Not Reliable)
– Inferential Genealogy: Deducing Ancestors’ Identities Indirectly
– Solving the Mystery of the Disappearing Ancestor
October 18, 2015 (special classes):
– Developing Research Questions and Hypotheses: Planning an Exhaustive Search
– Special Problems: Finding Immigrant and Migrant Origins
Additional information can be found on the Seattle Genealogical Society website:


dear myrtDear Myrt provides a website listing ALL genealogy webinars available on the internet.  To access the calendar go to  and check back frequently for topics of interest to you.  You can add the geneawebinars calendar to your personal calendar to avoid missing classes of interest to you.  I’ve listed some June 2015 webinars of interest below:

DNA Research with Angie Bush, MS
Thu, June 4, 6pm – 7pm
Monthly on the first Thursday

Come onangie bush over to the DNA Genetic Genealogy Interest Group Google+ Community hosted by Genetic Genealogist Angie Bush, MS. You’ll need to request to JOIN the Community, but it is free. Then you can VIEW the Hangout on Air and COMMENT before, during and after this virtual meeting. WHERE:

Early Military Resources at NEHGS
Tuesday, June 16, 12 p.m. PDT)
david allen lambertPresented by: David Allen Lambert, Chief Genealogist
Do you have ancestors who served during the Colonial Wars, the American Revolution, or the War of 1812? Join military research expert David Allen Lambert to learn about the resources at NEHGS that can help you in your research. Register today!

Photos and Fair Use: Copyright Law for Genealogists by Judy G. Russell
Thu, June 18, 5pm-6pm
JudyGRussellMaterials and records created by others are the bread-and-butter of genealogy. But whether copyright law allows use of old photographs, reports and articles can be murky at best. Understanding what is and isn’t copyrighted and what genealogists can and can’t use is the key to staying out of trouble and to protecting our own work.

Lost Children: Orphans, Vagrants, Delinquents, Half-Orphans, Dependents, Surrendered, Adopted
Tue, June 16, 5pm – 6pm PDT
Jeanne BloomPRESENTED BY: Jeanne L. Bloom
After registering, you will receive an email with information and a link to join us the night of the webinar and handout information. Please remember that this is a first come, first served webinar. Registering does not hold a spot for you. Those that log in first will be admitted to the webinar.

Lessons from a Snoop: Collaterals and Associates
Wed, June 17, 7pm – 8pm
DebbieMieszalaPRESENTED by Debbie Mieszala
Crucial information on direct ancestors is often found by nosing into the lives of collateral relatives, associates, and neighbors. Case studies present examples of invaluable finds.

Secret Lives of Women: Search for Females Using the Resources They Left Behind
Wed, July 1 11am-12:30 pm
Philibert-OrtegaHow do you research the women in your family tree? In some of the same ways you research men but you also have to consider what documents and items were left behind by women. In this lecture we look at the specific trail women left including signature quilts, community cookbooks, journals and diaries. Presented by Gena Philibert-Ortega who holds a Master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (Psychology and Women’s Studies) and a Master’s degree in Religion.

Rogue Valley Genealogical Society News

Melinda Henningfield

Melinda Henningfield

National Genealogy Conference [NGS 2015] submitted by Andrea Patterson
NGS 2015 was held in St. Charles, Missouri May 13-16. Oregon genealogists had a good showing with three RVGS members attending, including Andrea Patterson, Barbara Basden, Melinda Henningfield, who was a first time NGS lecturer. Melinda’s presentations, “From Missouri to Oregon by Way of the Applegate Trail” and “Investigating the Neighborhood to Advance Your Research” were well attended and received.  Barbara Basden received an award of $50 for being among the top 5 NGS bloggers.  In attendance at this conference were 2,189 which included conference attendees, speakers, exhibitors, and volunteers. The NGS Conference lecturers targeted various skill levels, and many attendees were new to genealogy. Next May 2016, the NGS Conference will be held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Salt Lake City Research Trip submitted by Anne Billeter
FHLMay 17-24, RVGS members traveled to Salt Lake City to do intensive research at the Family History Library.   Those attending were Anne Billeter, Betty Miller, Chloe Sternola, Terrie McCoy, Leah Bird, Barbara Northrop, and Vicky McGee.  Anne submitted the following article describing her success as a researcher during this trip:

Perseverance Pays Off

When I didn’t find Ezra Nuckolls in the microfilm index to marriages in Grayson County, Virginia, I noticed that there seemed to be a gap of several years in the entries in the index.  So, I looked at the microfilm of the actual marriage records and FOUND the marriage I was looking for!  Ezra Nuckolls married Lucinda Hail (usually spelled Hale) on April 10, 1923.  (Yes, I already had the date, but no source, that is what I was looking for.)
When I didn’t find a Probate entry for the John Nuckolls I was looking for in the Louisa County, Virginia Will Records index, I copied all of the entries for the Nuckolls surname.  Later, when reviewing my Ancestor chart, I realized the suggested father of John, James Nuckolls, also died in Louisa County, supposedly in 1810.  Imagine my surprise and happiness when I followed the index trail and located a probate record with an 1802 will, and the will named two grandsons, Asa and Ezra Nuckolls, and specified that they are the sons of his son John!  Confirmation that my 5 times great-grandfather John Nuckolls, father of my 4 times great-grandfather Ezra Nuckolls, was indeed the son of James Nuckolls, whose 1802 will was submitted to the court in 1810.  Hurrah! I’ve pushed my Nuckolls back 1 more generation and gained considerable insight into my 6th great-grandfather James Nuckolls.  (Asa had just turned 7 and Ezra was not quite 4 years old, when their 82-year-old grandfather wrote his will.)

Rogue Valley Genealogical Society:  2ND Annual Member Fair submitted by  Marilyn Ayres
membersPlan ahead and participate on September 15, 2015.  Last year we had a lot of fun at our Member Fair. Members shared stories on a wide variety of interesting topics about their research and experiences.  This is your society, join in the fun at this year’s fair.  We would like to have five to six presentations featuring you, our members.  Think about what you have found, interesting places you visited doing your research (or plan to visit during the summer perhaps), new family members you met, or tips you can offer to others.

A sign-up sheet for presenters is in the class binder at the library. If you want to be one of our presenters, contact us at the library by email:, telephone 541-512-2340, or in person.  Please provide your name, member number, and contact information, in addition to a short summary of what you would like to talk about.  The deadline to sign up is August 1st.  From the list of potential presenters, the Education Committee will select five or six.  We will contact you by August 15th.  At the Member Fair you will have 10 minutes for your presentation.  The details about the presentation will be finalized once the presenters have been selected.  Questions?  Send an e-mail to Marilyn Ayres, Education Director

Exhange Program between KBGS and RVGS
Scharri BrennanScharri Brennan of the Klamath Basin Genealogical Society presented a two-part class on “Why’s and How’s of Property Research,” on May 30th. She discussed what you can find in land records, deeds, and where to look. Websites for land records were reviewed. She stated that her mission was to excite researchers to do property searches and Scharri clearly satisfied that goal for all who were present. Sharri’s presentation was part of an exchange program between Klamath Basin Genealogical Society and RVGS.   RVGS President Andrea Patterson will present at KBGS in the near future.

Just a Laugh at the Expense of Who Do You Think You Are The link to this

wdytyavideo was taken from Dick Eastman’s Genealogy Blog. Enjoy.

Welcome New and Returning RVGS Members submitted by Marie Fulbright

 Nola Benedict
 Rance Cline
 Barbara Griffin
 C. F. (Charles) Hutson
 Scott McKay
 Susan McKennon
 Tam & Barbara Moore
 Twana Morgan
 Elizabeth Ann Keith “Peg” Pauk
 Neil & Ione Shaw
 Lloyd Sloggett
 Sonja Stalions
 Pat Stancel
 Pat Traviss
 Thomas Trubenback
 Norma Trump

In Memoriam submitted by Marie Fulbright

Gayleen Hanscom died on 18 Jan 2015; she had been a faithful member since 2001.
Larry Corbin  died 18 April 2015; he has been a faithful member since 2014.
Bill Robe died on 22 April 2015: he has been a faithful member since 2011.
Thelma Schneider died on 27 April 2015; she joined RVGS in 1998.
Martha Cline died on died  2 May 2015; she joined RVGS in 2008.

How to Contribute to RVGS for Free! 
Link your Fred Meyer Rewards Card to RVGS or buy at Amazon

FredMeyerFred Meyer: Fred Meyer is donating $2.6 million this year to non-profits in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington, based on where their customers tell them to give. If you have already linked your card, thank you! If not, here’s how the program works:

  • Sign up for the Community Rewards program by linking your Fred Meyer Rewards Card to (non-profit) You can search for us by our name or by our non-profit number (#91873).
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Amazon: Shop at Amazon through the Amazon Smile program designating RVGS as the amazon smilerecipient of donations made by Amazon.   To sign up go to and select Rogue Valley Genealogical Society as your favorite non-profit.  Payments for the first quarter of 2015 equal $131.04.  When you purchase merchandise at please link to their site through our sites ( or or sign in to the Smile program.  Thank you!

FINANCIAL NEWS submitted by Rich Miles
Annual Fund Drive
annual fund driveIt’s not too late!! If you haven’t sent in your Annual Fund donation, you can still send it in or drop it by the library. We have brought in $9,425, about 47% of our $20,000 goal.  Remember, your contribution to the Annual Fund will allow RVGS to keep our membership dues low as well as assist in covering operating expenses. Membership dues only cover about 33% of our operating expenses. The remaining expenses are covered by monies raised through our Annual Fund Drive. Any amount you give will help to provide support to RVGS and continue the current level of programming. By financially supporting the RVGS and the Jackson County Genealogy Library, you are investing in your own family history research and the preservation of historical records. Every dollar helps, make your contribution today! Donations may be dropped off at the library; mailed to 3405 S Pacific Hwy, Medford, OR 97501; or made online at

THANK YOU to ALL of our Annual Fund Drive donors to date!
Karen Asche, Al & Marilyn Ayres, Gloria Bartlett, Anne Billeter, Ellen Brannick, Pat Brewer, Darlene Brown, Charleen Brown, Jennifer Bryan, Vicki Anne Bryden, Alan Buchta, Mary Ann Byrne, Edith Carlson, William & Marion Collins, Carolyn Craig, Richard Croly, Carita Culmer, PJ D’Allura, Carol Davis-Jacobson, Marvin Depue, Chuck & Colleen Eccleston, Kathy Edwards, Sara Forbes, Doug Foster, Marie & Bryan Fulbright, Cheryl Haas, Barbara Hagen, Robert Hawk, Melinda Henningfield, Gene & Charlotte Henry, Alice Herzberg, Bruce Horton, Larry Horton, Carol Jones, Ken Kelly, Flo Kemp, Ted & Rayda Kinney, Lynn Lamoree, Norbert Leiberg, Lynn Leissler, Alanna Malone, Barbara Matchett, Margaret McCown, Barbara Middaugh, Virginia Montes, Helaine Noble, Dennis Patterson, Jack & Andrea Patterson, Wanda Perdue, Ida Pruitt, David Rodkey, Shirley Rhodes, Richard & Sonya Ritchie, David & Carol Rugg, Denise Salthouse, Karen Scott, Linda Sindt, John & Janie Stewart, Dorothy Throne, Kim Thurman, James Williams, Gene & Carol Wolf

Leave A Legacy
Leave a LegacyIn 2013, RVGS purchased our current JCGL building for $325,000. With the help of donations from our members and community, the balance is now $65,000! Our goal is to “Burn the Mortgage” at our 50th Anniversary party in 2016. We still need your help to reach our goal! Every dollar you donate to the Leave A Legacy fund reduces our mortgage principal. Donations may be dropped off at the library; mailed to 3405 S Pacific Hwy, Medford, OR 97501; or made online

THANK YOU to ALL of our Leave A Legacy donors thus far in 2015
Marilyn Bamford, Michael Benke, Alan Buchta, Carolyn Craig, Richard Croly, Carita Culmer, Catherine Culver, Charles & Colleen Eccleston, Terry Fischer, Ruth Gerety, Beth Gilmore, Linda Hildreth, Monty & Carol Holst, Larry Horton, Horton Family Foundation, Sheila & Roy Kimball, Linda Lipkind, Barbara & Richard MacMillen, Patsy Marcy, Bruce McGarvey, Nick Mercedes, Susan Milburn, Sallie Riehl, Carl Shauger, Jan Stutts, Nancy Vaughn, Evelyn Williams

5/60 Club
5-60Are you in The Club? Do you want to help RVGS to “Burn the Mortgage” in 2016, but can only afford a little each month? NO PROBLEM! Join the 5/60 Club! A donation of $5 a month for 12 months will reduce our mortgage by $60. With everyone chipping in a little, our mortgage will be down to zero in no time! Donations may be dropped off at the library; mailed to 3405 S Pacific Hwy,  Medford,  OR 97501; or made online at

THANK YOU to ALL of our 2015 5/60 Club donors!
Colista Bailey, Albert Beron, Carolyn Beron, Carolyn Craig, Anne Billeter, Charles & Colleen Eccleston, Kendall Engelund, Terry Fischer, Marie Fulbright, Elizabeth Gilmore, Gene & Charlotte Henry, Steve Kious, Norbert Leibeg, Barbara & Richard MacMillen, Bruce McGarvey, Betty Miller, Andrea Patterson, Bob & Judi Pocan, Carl Shauger, Barbara Shrewsberry, John & Janie Stewart, April Thomas

Internet Resources & Jackson County Genealogy Library News

JCGL Library Hours Have Been Extended as of June 1, 2015
extended hoursJCGL will be open from 10 am to 4 pm on M, W, Th, F, and Sat.  On Tuesdays the library will be open from 10 am to 9 pm. The library will be closed for commonly observed holidays and will take a Christmas break for inventory.

New Records added to the JCGL site:

Hundreds of new headstone photos have been added to the JCGL website.  Click on the Cemeteries link to open or use this direct link,


People of IrelandNew Book in Ongoing Series, People of Ireland, has recently been released.   This PDF File describing the series has been copied from Dick Eastman’s Genealogy Blog.

Apps for Mobile Devices
A chart showing which genealogy app is available for various mobile devices has been developed by Lena Harmon of the Family History Center in Redding CA.  The chart was copied from the Grants Pass Genealogical Society May 2015 newsletter.  Click onthe link to bring up this PDF file.

Finding Your Immigrant Ancestors
Ancestry publishes a series of videos on YouTube.  Here is an excellent one for those of us looking for our immigrant ancestor, the one who crossed the pond.   Take a look at this one and explore the other video resources on YouTube,  Be sure to subscribe to the Ancestry YouTube channel for updates on the newest videos.

A Great Device to Help You Organize Your Photos.  The Eye-Fi Mobi SD card functions as a normal SD card in your digital camera or your Flip-Pal scanner but has built-in WiFi connectivity so that photos can be transferred to your computer or mobile device.   To read more, go to the Genealogy Insider blog post by Diane Haddad,

Do You Do Iowa Research?  Submitted by Andrea Patterson

IowaThe NGS Quarterly, Vol. 102, #4, Dec. 2014, at JCGL has a 46-page article on doing research in Iowa by Marieta A. Grissom. “Iowa, which has largely avoided record loss and destruction, has abundant and varied genealogical record collections.” You will find page after page of history, archives, library, society resources and many other resources such as WWI & WWII “where to look” for records. It covers railroads, steamboating, religious record locations and resources just on women.” Thank you Marieta for a great, condensed collection for us Iowa researchers.


Irish Newspapers on Findmypast: A Roundup of their Resources

County Monaghan Ireland Records Now Available Online

Land Records Explored on In-Depth Genealogy Blog Post

450 Historical Newspapers Added to Genealogy Bank Website,  click here to explore.

A Simple Reliable System for Photo Naming, click here to explore.

google photos iconGoogle Photos with Unlimited Storage is Now Available.  Read this post from Dick Eastman’s Blog by following this link, Google Photos.

New Additions to the JCGL Collection: May 2015 Submitted by Anne Billeter


325 Bal
Port of Dreams: The Emigration Museum, Hamburg [Germany]

325 Gro
Gropp, Hans-Herman
Via Hamburg to the World; from the Emigrants Hall to Ballinstadt


929.2 Brownson
Family History – Daniel Brownson, 1813 to 1894

929.2 Martin
Francis, Charles William
Genealogy of the Martin Family

929.3 Ame
American genealogist being a catalogue of family histories:  a bibliography of American genealogy or a list of the title pages of books and pamphlets on family history, published in America, from 1771 to date [originally published in 1897]

929.3 Ros
Rosenstein, Neil
Unbroken Chain: Biographical sketches and the genealogy of Illustrious Jewish Families from the 15th – 20th Century


941.1 N120 Inn
Innes, Cosmo
Concerning some Scotch surnames


942 E432 She
Sherwood, George
American Colonists in English Records, First Series: A Guide to direct references in authentic records, Passenger Lists not in “Hotten,” …

942 E432 She
Sherwood, George
American Colonists in English Records, Second Series: A guide to direct references in authentic records, Passenger Lists not in “Hotten,” …

942 G242 Wat
Waters, Henry F.
Genealogical gleanings in England
V. I

942 N120 Gup
Guppy, Henry Brougham
Homes of family names in Great Britain


943.7 G242 Wel
Wellauer, Maralyn A.
Tracing your Czech and Slovak roots


971.6 H388 Pat
Patterson, George Geddie
Patterson’s History of Victoria County, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia; with related papers compiled and edited by W. James MacDonald


974.6 G242 Hin
Hinman, Royal R.
Catalogue of the names of the early Puritan settlers of the colony of Connecticut

974.6 G242 Hin
Hinman, Royal R.
Catalogue of the names of the first Puritan settlers of the colony of Connecticut

974.69 C242 Van
Van Hoosear, David H.
Complete Copy of the Inscriptions found on the Monuments, Headstones, etc. in the oldest cemetery in Norwalk, Conn.


974.7 G242 New Index
New York [Genealogical and Biographical Record] Index
v. 21-30
v. 31-40

974.72 W344 Abs
Abstracts of Unrecorded Wills Prior to 1790 on file in the Surrogate’s office, City of New York

974.721 H388 Fur
Furman, Gabriel
Antiquities of Long Island

974.727 W344 Pel
Pelletreau, William Smith & Haviland, Frederick
Early wills of Westchester, New York, from 1664 to 1784; also the genealogy of “the Havilands of Westchester County, and the descendants of Hon. James Graham” (Watkinson and Ackerly families.)

974.742 G242 Pea
Pearson, Jonathan
Contributions for the genealogies of the first settlers of the ancient county of Albany, from 1630 to 1800

974.744 H388 Pea
Pearson, Jonathan
History of the Schenectady Patent in the Dutch and English times: being contributions toward a history of the lower Mohawk Valley


974.921 C721 Rec
Records of the Reformed Dutch Churches of Hackensack and Schraalenburgh, New Jersey. Volume 1, Part II, Being the Records in Possession of the (South) Church of Schraalenburgh,
N. J.


975.294 C242 All
Allegany County, Maryland, Rural Cemeteries


975.5 B314 Vog
Vogt, John
Will and Estate Records in the Virginia State Library: A Researcher’s Guide

975.559 M177 Wei
Weisiger, Benjamin B. III
Marriage Bonds & Ministers’ Returns of Chesterfield County, Virginia, 1816-1853

975.559 Virginia
Schreiner – Yantis, Netti
Personal property tax lists of Virginia for 1787 for Chesterfield county, Virginia

975.566 L142 Dod
Dodson, Roger C.
Footprints from the Old Survey Books of Halifax and Pittsylvania Counties in Virginia


975.6 H388 Bar
Barrett, John Gilchrist
North Carolina as a Civil War Battleground, 1861-1865


976.719 C242 Bur
Burnes, Lester
Cemeteries of Marion County [Arkansas]

976.719 G242 Rob
Roberts, Vicki A.
Marion County [Arkansas] Families 1811-1900

976.719 H388 Ber
Berry, Earl
History of Marion County [Arkansas]


977.116 H388 Nam
Name Index to Commemorative Historical and Biographical Record of Wood County, Ohio [c1897]

977.136 H388 Jam
James, Peggie Seitz
Stow, Ohio – Shadows of its Past

977.147 M177 Mon
Monroe, Phyllis Jean Minnich
Darke County, Ohio Marriages, 1817-1850

977.171 M177 Pat
Patrick, Ethel M. Hall
Preble County, Ohio Marriage Index (1808-1859)


978.4 B352 Lin
Lindgren, H. Elaine
Land in her own name: Women as homesteaders in North Dakota


979.225 S227 1938
1938 Eastonia
[yearbook of East High School, Salt Lake City, Utah]


979.313 S227 Bou
Boulder Echo 1930 [yearbook of Las Vegas High School, Las Vegas, Nevada]
Boulder Echo 1931 [yearbook of Las Vegas High School, Las Vegas, Nevada]


979.476 G242 Cla
Clark, Donald Thomas
Monterey Place Names: A Geographical Dictionary

979.478 B352 Mor
Morrison, Annie L.
Pioneers of San Luis Obispo County & Environs

979.498 S227 Sai
Saintsmen 1953 [yearbook of St. Augustine High School, San Diego, Ca.]
Saintsmen 1955 [yearbook of St. Augustine High School, San Diego, Ca.]


979.6 S227 Coy
Coyote, 1937 [yearbook of Twin Falls High School, Twin Falls, Idaho]

Magazines Recently Received Submitted by Anne Billeter
The most recent issue is shelved in the wire rack at the end of the 929.2 book stack
[Partial contents listed]

American Spirit (Daughters of the American Revolution), v. 149, #3, May/June 2015
(Circ 929.05 AmS)

  • “Planning for the Future of A Historic Gathering Place” [Constitution Hall]
  • “Visions of America:  A Revolutionary Travelogue” [in 1848 historian and artist Benson Lossing set out on an 8,000-mile journey through all 13 Colonies…]
  • “The Father of the American Factory System” [Samuel Slater]
  • “The Revolution Goes West” [Colbert’s Raid in Arkansas]

Beaver Briefs (Willamette Valley Genealogical Society), v. 47, #2, Spring 2015
(Circ 979.53 P273 Bea)

  • “The Old St. Paul Cemetery [Salem]

Heir Lines (Genealogical Society of Siskiyou County California), v. 38, #3, Apr. 25, 2015
(Circ 979.421 Hei)

  • “Heir – A – Parent” [two-page undated Ashland Tidings story relating some of the history of Climax]

NGS Magazine (National Genealogical Society), v. 41, #2, April-June 2015
(Circ 929.05 NGSM)

  • “Resources for Locating District of Columbia Ancestors”
  • “Testing Family Lore:  She married a distant cousin in Virginia”
  • “Contrasting German Migrations:  Eighteenth- and nineteenth-century waves”
  • “Hope in War:  Research challenges a family legend”
  • “What Happened to Eliza?  A case study in female name changes”
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Five Tips for Finding Those Who Died in Military Service

From the Genealogy Blog, written by Michael LeClerc at Mocavo.  Five Tips for Finding Those Who Died in Military Service.

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U.S. Federal Census Images & Viewer Now Free For Everyone

MOCAVO is making the Census free to everyone!  U.S. Federal Census Images & Viewer Now Free For Everyone.  Follow the link to check this out.

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Millions of Free Records on FamilySearch Can’t Be Found via Search: Here’s How to Access Them | Family History Daily

Reblogged from Family History Daily:

Millions of Free Records on FamilySearch Can’t Be Found via Search: Here’s How to Access Them | Family History Daily.

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Military Records on American Ancestors Available Free!

Military records on American Ancestors website are free to users who sign in as guests, click the link, MemorialDay, to access this offer.  This offer is good through Wednesday May 27.

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Start your free trial | findmypast |

Findmypast is offering a 14-day free trial in honor of Memorial Day.   Search their extensive military records for free.  You must provide your payment information to take advantage of the free trial.  Don’t forget to cancel before the end of the 14-day trial!

Start your free trial | findmypast |

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