Probate – The In-Depth Genealogist

Probate. An interesting word, if you think about it. If you use it for research, good for you – you are still alive! If you are the subject of the case file, most likely you are not.

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Win a Pass to RootsTech 2016 – The In-Depth Genealogist

So… who wants to go to RootsTech? Last year was my first year and since year one I kept telling myself I would eventually make it out to Salt Lake City.

Source: Win a Pass to RootsTech 2016 – The In-Depth Genealogist

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Genealogy Jamboree Blog: FREE Webinar from SCGS – October 21, 2015 – Jean Wilcox Hibben, PhD, CG: “The Devil is in the Details”

Source: Genealogy Jamboree Blog: FREE Webinar from SCGS – October 21, 2015 – Jean Wilcox Hibben, PhD, CG: “The Devil is in the Details”

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October Issue of the RVGS/JCGL eNewsletter

Monthly eNewsletter for the Rogue Valley Genealogical Society(RVGS) and Jackson County Genealogy Library(JCGL).  This newsletter has three sections: (1)Classes and Events both at the library and elsewhere in the US,(2) RVGS News pertaining to members and society doings, and (3)JCGL News pertaining to our book collection and to internet resources. We’re here to help you research your family history.

Classes and Events


JCGL Classes and Meetings are held at Jackson County Genealogy Library, 3405 S. Pacific Highway, Medford, OR.  Please register in advance when requested.

Thu, October 1
darDAR (Daughters of the American Revolution), 10:30 –11:30 am
Pam Olsen, DAR local chapter president, will present information on how to use DAR records to build your family tree. FREE.

scandinavian flagBeginning Your Scandinavian Research, 1:00 — 2:00 pm
Andrea Patterson will review basic genealogy skills when approaching research in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. Suggested websites and what you can take advantage of in our library collection will be presented. To register, call 541-512-2340, email: or drop by the library to sign up in advance for this free workshop. FREE.

Fri, October 2
My HeritageGetting the Most from My Heritage, 10:30am – 11:30am
Barbara Basden, presenter.   My Heritage, rich in European records, was only recently added to the Website Menu at JCGL. To register, call 541-512-2340, email: or drop by the library to sign up in advance for this free workshop. FREE

detectiveWhere Haven’t You Looked? 1pm – 2pm
Andrea Patterson will show you what you already may have and what else may be right under your nose.To register, call  541-512-2340, email: or drop by the library to sign up in advance for this free workshop. FREE.

Tue, October 6
FTM 2014Family Tree Maker “PC” User Group, 1:30pm – 3:00pm
This informal, casual group usually meets the first Tuesday of each month as long as interest continues.  Everyone is encouraged to bring problems or concerns, etc. and as a group we try and resolve these issues.  It is a great way to keep connected and share information, too. Free and Fun! To register, call 541-512-2340, email: or drop by the library to sign up in advance for this free workshop.

Tue, October 13
Ireland flagIrish Interest Group, 1:00pm – 2:30pm
Get help with your Irish Ancestor Challenges. A focus on surnames and their main location in Ireland will be part of the discussion during this meeting. Ros Owens will facilitate the discussion. Register by email:, telephone: 541-512-2340, or in person at the RVGS Library. To register, call 541-512-2340, email: or drop by the library to sign up in advance for this free workshop.

German Genealogy Interest Group, 6:00 –7:30 pm
German flagThe German Interest Group will meet to discuss the history of Germany as it relates to genealogy.  Mary Robsman is the facilitator.  Free and open to all.  Please register in advance by email:, by telephone, 541-512-2340, or in person.  Free. To register, call  541-512-2340, email: or drop by the library to sign up in advance for this free workshop.

Wed, October 14
FTM-MACFamily Tree Maker ~ MAC User Group, 10:00am – 11:30am
Family Tree Maker User Group (Mac computers). Barbara MacMillen is the facilitator of this informal group discussing FTM, Genealogy and Mac computers. Please call (541)512-2340 or email: or drop by the library to sign up in advance for this free workshop.

Sat, October 17
brick%20wallBrick Wall Roundtable, 10:30am – 12:30pm
Bring your questions and find possible answers with other researchers.  Andrea Patterson will facilitate.  To register, call 541-512-2340, email: or drop by the library to sign up in advance for this free workshop. Donations welcome!

Tue, October 20
Public Program and Member’s Meeting: Castle Garden and Ellis Island, 1:30pm – 3:00pm
ellis islandCastle Garden and Ellis Island were two important immigration portals to the United States. Celeste Guillory presents information about valuable database records available to researchers to trace their immigrant ancestors back to the “old country”.  She tells some of the history of these historic places, when each operated, and what their status is today and in light of Hurricane Sandy in 2014.  Celeste has been researching her mother’s family since 1993 and moved to Grants Pass after retiring from a 25-year career in law enforcement.  She is a member of the Rogue Valley Genealogical Society and the Grants Pass Genealogical Society among others.

Tue, October 27
quiltQuilt Talks: “What Quilts Can Say,” 1:30pm – 2:30pm
“What Quilts Can Say” by Jan Stutts.  If only quilts could tell us their story.  Maybe they can “whisper” a part of that story.  This talk will feature three quilts from the Jackson County Genealogy Library collection and will tell us some of what a quilt might “whisper” about fabrics, stitching techniques and what the pattern can tell us today. To register, call 541-512-2340, email: or drop by the library to sign up in advance for this free workshop.

Tue, November 3
FTM 2014Family Tree Maker “PC” User Group, 1:30pm – 3:00pm
This informal, casual group usually meets the first Tuesday of each month as long as interest continues.  Everyone is encouraged to bring problems or concerns, etc. and as a group we try and resolve these issues.  It is a great way to keep connected and share information, too. Free and Fun! To register, call 541-512-2340, email: or drop by the library to sign up in advance for this free workshop.


Oct 7 and 14 Medford and Ashland – Jackson County Library Services and Southern Oregon Historical Society are proud to announce “Winning Coach: The Danny Miles Story” as the next topic in the 2015 “Windows in Time” history series. This noon lecture will be presented by Steve Matthies on Wednesday, October 7, at the Medford Branch Library, 205 South Central Avenue, and on Wednesday, October 14, at the Ashland Branch Library, 410 Siskiyou Boulevard.

Oct 10, 11 Southern Oregon Historical Society (SOHS) presents a Scarecrow scarecrowFestival.  Build a scarecrow and tour the Hanley Home between 11:00am and 4:00pm at Hanley Farm, 1053 Hanley Road, Central Point.  To buy tickets or make inquiries go to the SOHS events page.

lady in black

Oct 10, 11, and 18 SOHS presents “Lady in Black,” a haunting experience at Hanley Farm between 7-9 pm all three nights at 1053 Hanley Road, Central Point. To buy tickets or make inquiries go to the SOHS events page.

Oct 11 Grants Pass Genealogical Society. Tour the Josephine Community Library in Grants Pass – Learn about the genealogy related books and tours available at the library. The tour starts at 1:30. A board meeting and report from the nominating committee takes place in the Ben Bones Room of the Library at 12:30. (200 NW C Street Grants Pass ).


Oct 24 Grants Pass Genealogical Society.  All Day Community Family History Seminar held at the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at 1969 Williams Highway (corner of Williams Hwy. and W. Harbeck Road), Grants Pass, Oregon. Follow this link to learn more about this big event, Follow this link, Class Schedule, to learn what is being offered.

Oct 26  I Took the Photo, Now What? Digitizing, Saving, and Sharing Your digitizingFamily Treasures During Archives Month. From 12:30 to 2:30 pm, join local heritage organizations in the Gresham Room of the Ashland Public Library to learn the basics of digitizing existing photos, audiovisual materials, and important documents. We’ll talk about some of the pitfalls along the way, how to label files, and why it is important to act now to preserve these items.This event is co-sponsored by the Ashland Public Library, the RVGS/JCGL, SOHS  and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival Archives as a part of Archives Month.  For more information please contact Debra Griffith at 541-482-2111, ext. 266, or


Oct 24, 10am – 2:30pm  Bend Genealogical Society is having a Fall Marathon
Bend GSReach the Finish Line & Become an EVERNOTE Expert!
LOCATION:  Williamson Hall
LUNCH:  Bring Your Own Brown Bag Lunch
To Register for the Marathon: Call (541) 317-9553 or send an email to
Bring your laptop & practice EVERNOTE during the Marathon.
You may have heard the buzz about EVERNOTE. Many genealogists are raving about it. Lisa Louise Cooke is an EVERNOTE expert and has produced several EVERNOTE training podcasts. On October 24, we’re going to view them one after another. At the end of the Marathon, you’ll be an EVERNOTE expert. The Marathon is FREE and EVERNOTE is FREE. This is a great opportunity to learn a new tool to put in your Genealogy Toolbox!

Oct 24-25.  Genealogical Forum of Oregon (GFO) Fall Seminar and GFOWorkshop.Presenters: Pamela Boyer Sayre & Richard (Rick) Sayre
Saturday Seminar:
Social Security Sleuthing — Pam
Finding Records of Military Service in Published U.S. Documents — Rick
Using NARA’s Finding Aids and Website — Pam
Soldier’s Homes — Rick
Sunday Workshop:
GFO Library – Portland, Oregon ; Milwaukie Elks Lodge – Milwaukie, Oregon
Maps! Wonderful Maps!
Learn how to find historical and other maps, interpret symbols and notations, and correlate other information with map data to place an ancestor in time and place.
Details and Registration at

Nov 14.  Oregon Genealogical Society (OGS) Fall Seminar
ogsLisa Alzo, Speaker.Live webinar format with opportunity to ask questions

  • Immigrant Cluster Communities: Past, Present and Future. There are a handful of “cluster” immigrant communities throughout the United States that blossomed during the immigration influx of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Exploring “cluster genealogy”—the process of researching those relatives, friends, and neighbors who lived near an ancestor—can often break down brick walls in the search for individual family lines and help to place our ancestors’ lives in historical context.
  • Diseases, Disasters, Distress: Bad for Your Ancestors, Good for Genealogy. Wouldn’t it be nice if all the branches on our family trees were filled with bright shiny leaves that reflected only good kin and happy times? The truth is, most of our pasts are dotted with blemishes, and bad things did happen, often to good people.
  • Make Those Skeletons Dance: Exploring Your Family’s Dark Side. How well do you really know your ancestors? Most of us want to believe our ancestors were hard-working, noble, or “salt-of-the-earth” types. We want to like them, and even brag about them. However, the reality is that if we go back far enough, we all can dig up a few proverbial “skeletons in the closet.” If you suspect a few black sheep lurking in your family tree, this session will show you, with examples, how to hunt them down, bust through the speculation, and tell the real story.
  • Murder, Mayhem and Town Tragedy. This talk, which includes a complex case study, demonstrates how to use Census records, funeral records, obituaries, cemetery inscriptions, historical newspapers, town histories, court and jail records, and many other underused records and sources to find the heroes and villains in your family tree.

Location: To be announced; Lisa’s website:


seattle GSOct 17 – 18  Seattle, WA Seattle Genealogical Society 2015 Fall Seminar “The Family History Detective: Finding Solutions to Your Toughest Research Problems”, with speaker Dr. Thomas W. Jones, CG, CGL, Co-Editor of National Genealogical Society Quarterly, past APG board member, BCG trustee and president, teacher at BU, IGHR, and SLIG, author of the recently published book Mastering Genealogical Proof. Topics: October 17, 2015 (seminar) – Can a Complex Research Problem Be Solved Solely Online? – Five Ways to Prove Who Your Ancestor Was (Some Reliable and Others Not Reliable) – Inferential Genealogy: Deducing Ancestors’ Identities Indirectly – Solving the Mystery of the Disappearing Ancestor. October 18, 2015 (special classes) – Developing Research Questions and Hypotheses: Planning an Exhaustive Search – Special Problems: Finding Immigrant and Migrant Origins. Additional information can be found on the Seattle Genealogical Society website:

Oct 19-24 Salt Lake City, UT Family History Library Retreat: Proving Family FHLRelationships Using DNA and Resources at the FHL Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah This Retreat will focus on accurately proving a family genealogy using resources available at the Family History Library and using DNA testing results. Class work will include how to set up testing, successful case studies, and projects in progress. Our professionals will assist you at the Family History Library with the collaboration needed to prove a family genealogy using both DNA and source documents.

Feb 3-6 Salt Lake City UT RootsTech Event Registrations Are Now Available
RootsTechThe largest genealogy event in the world is now accepting registrations,  If you plan to attend, you can purchase tickets now at a cheaper price than waiting until you arrive at the door.  Reserve a hotel room NOW as reservations will fill up quickly now that the announcement is out. (I made my hotel reservation months ago.) Hotel information may be found at


Finding Webinars:  Each month, dozens of webinars are available to help you with your research.  To look at a collection of webinars go to:  I have selected a few for you to check out.  Be aware that the starting time may not be PDT.

Oct 3, 10am – 11am. Ten Steps to Better Genealogy. Presented by Eric W. Siess, CG. Improve your genealogical skills and results through new tools, habits and learning. Ten simple steps can put you on a path to better research. Hosted by Southern California Genealogical Society, register at

Oct 7, 11:00am – 12:30pm. Webinar – Wearables and Genealogy – Wacky and Wild or Worth the Wait by Thomas MacEntee

What if you could wear a device that would tell you all about a person as you stood in front of their gravestone? What about a device that told you that a DNA match was attending the same genealogy conference? These ideas may seem too futuristic, but they are available now and waiting to be used by genealogists and family historians. As technology advances, the Internet is being made personal in the form of wearable devices. These devices can not only track how far you’ve walked, what you’ve eaten and more, they can also present information when you are in front of a gravestone or a historical site. Learn about Google Glass, Smart Watches and in-development devices that are slated to become the next new genealogy tools. Register at:

Oct 8, 4pm – 5pm. FamilySearch US Church and Cemetery Records, presenter Joni Kesler, AG®.  Go to to register.

Oct 12, 12:45pm – 1:45pm. FamilySearch Research Wiki, presenter Joni Kesler, AG®. Go to to register.

[There are many more Family Search webinars available, go to: to learn more about these programs.]

Oct 13, 6pm – 7pm. Polish Genealogy – Four Steps to Successful Research

Presenter: Steve Szabados  Description: When did your Polish ancestors immigrate, from where did they leave, why did they leave, how did they get here? These are questions we all hope to find the answers. This presentation is designed to give the researcher the tools needed to research their Polish ancestors and find possible answers to the origins of your Polish heritage. The program outlines a simple process that will identify where your ancestors were born and where to find their Polish records. Steve uses his own genealogical research experience to outline a simple process that has been successful for the author. Registration:

Oct 14, 6pm – 7:30pm. Webinar – Colonial Immigration – The English Pioneers of Early Americaby Beth Foulk

Imagine leaving everything you and your family has known for generations for an unexplored, unfamiliar, possibly hostile “New World.” Who were these people of unbounded courage, faith, and resiliency who ultimately laid the foundation for the America as we know it? What stories they must tell! What do the records reveal of their immigration, voyage and settlements in America? We’ll look at what history has left us in passenger records and alternative sources – both primary and secondary – to peel back this riveting portion of our personal and national history.  Registration:http://www.FamilyTreeWeb​

Oct 16, 11:00 am – 12:30 pm. Webinar – Billions of Records, Billions of Stories by Devin Ashby

Volunteers around the world have now indexed and arbitrated over 1 billion records. This class will discuss the current initiatives of the FamilySearch Indexing community and provide an in-depth look at some of the stories being told. Registration:http://www.FamilyTreeWeb​

Oct 21 and 22, 7am –1pm. NARA Virtual Genealogy Fair

“Please join the National Archives for the 2015 Virtual Genealogy Fair on October 21 & 22. This will be a live broadcast via YouTube so you can ask our genealogy experts questions at the end of their talks. Lectures will feature tips and techniques for using Federal records at the National Archives for genealogy research. Lectures are designed for experienced genealogists and novices. Recorded sessions will remain available online after the event. Registration:


Oct 2-4 North Carolina Genealogical Society (NCGS) is proud to provide a recording of Where They Walked: Working with Deeds, with Kathy Gunter Sullivan. This recorded webinar will be available for a free, 3-day public viewing, over the weekend of 2-4 October 2015 (9 am Fri to 9 pm Sun).
This webinar is a one-hour PowerPoint presentation on researching deeds, discussing terminology, the variety of conveyances a researcher may encounter, analyzing details,and following clues to additional resources.

You may register any time prior to the free viewing dates (2-4 Oct 2015), or on any day of the free viewing period. Upon registration, an email will be sent to the email address you provide on the registration form, containing a link to the webinar viewing page. This link will not be active until the free viewing period starts. You may wish to add the dates to your personal calendar as a reminder.

American Ancestors (the NEHGS website) has many, many free videos to help you do your research.

NARA (the National Archives) has a You Tube channel where you can watch 27 different recorded webinars and other presentations.   Follow this link to learn more,


hooper dooms quilt“Deep Roots:  The Hooper Dooms Raffle Quilt” was the Quilts and Genealogy program on September 22, presented by Library Director Anne Billeter.  The quilter’s Hooper ancestry (Maine), and her husband’s Dooms’ roots (Missouri and Jackson County), were explored.  Sources included subscription websites available at JCGL, several Internet websites, and resources at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City.  Additional information about Gladys Hooper Dooms, the quilter,  was provided through an interview with Gladys’ granddaughter, Joyce Athanas, who was present at the program, and who generous shared photographs of Gladys and some of Gladys’ 4 generations of descendants, and three more of Gladys’ quilts. Nell Mathern, RVGS member and a member of the Jacksonville Museum Quilters group, finished the quilting process on this quilt.  You can buy raffle tickets for a chance to own this quilt!

Click on the following link:  to bring up a picture and description of the quilt along with information about ticket pricing.  Purchase your raffle tickets at JCGL.

The RVGS Board of Directors has reviewed and approved a recent set of corrections to the society’s bylaws.  These changes will be presented, discussed, and a vote taken during the next members’ meeting on Tuesday Oct. 20th.   That discussion will take place at 1:30 pm.   Please be present at the meeting if at all possible.   Follow this link to read the proposed changes.   Follow this link, ByLaws Amendments, to view the proposed changes.

membersLearn about the benefits of membership and join the society by going to the RVGSociety website membership page,    There you will find a membership form along with aPayPal buy now button to join the society.  Membership costs only $30 a year.  Below is a list of people who joined or renewed their membership in September:

Gail D Bailey  Alan & Vicki Mitchell
 Ann & Ron Baracker  Terrence W. Monks
 Maxine Bartlett  James O’Farrell
 Glen Briggs  Thomas & Sara Parsons
 T. E. Carlisle  Susan Perham
 Valerie Darby  Mary Pfister
 Anne Dochez  Joseph & Donalee Phillips
 Al Doty  Dianne E. Pickar
 Stephanie Hartwell  Bill Poppe
 Tom Hermant  Katharine Sloan
 Pat Jenkins  Kristen Swisind
 Dan &  Loretta Mapes  Shirley Tolbert
 Colin C. McCoy  Diana Versluis
 Patricia McCurry  Gail B. Zaro


Jeff Monosoff became a Life Membership of RVGS on August 27th.   Thank you Jeff and welcome to the organization.

We mourn the loss of RVGS members Judith Drais and William Klenke.  Margaret Stafford a member of both the Grants Pass Genealogical Society and the Rogue Valley Genealogical Society died Sept. 23.   Please read her obituary, shared with us by Celeste Guillory of GPGS, and sign her Honor Wall.

Margaret Ruth (Darneille) Stafford, age 84, of Grants Pass, died Wednesday, September 23, 2015, at her home. She courageously battled liver cancer for the past four years. Margaret was born May 17, 1931, at a gold mine near Murphy, Oregon, to Marion L. and Lula A. Inman Darneille. She was a fifth generation Oregonian. She graduated from Grants Pass High School, Class of 1949. On September 2, 1951, at Newman United Methodist Church in Grants Pass she married Darrell Stafford. She had a PHT Degree (Pushed Husband Through) OSU where Darrell received a degree in the School of Engineering. For many years she worked as a membership secretary for University United Methodist Church in Peoria, Illinois. She volunteered and was active with her children’s Cub Scout Den and Girl Scout Troop. Margaret was a member of the Newman United Methodist Church, Josephine County Historical Society, Jackson County Genealogical Society, Photographic Society of America, Caveman Camera Club, Peoria Astronomy Society, Peoria Camera Club in Peoria, Illinois, University United Methodist Church, Kings Daughter’s, Common Place in Peoria, Illinois, Women’s International Bowling Congress — avid bowler for many years at Crossroads, Pleasure Island and Mt. Hawley Bowling Alleys, Peoria, Illinois. In addition to her husband Darrell Stafford of Grants Pass, survivors include son, Duane (Janet) Stafford of Champaign, Illinois; daughter-in-law, Vivian Stafford of Arvada, Colorado and daughter, Carla Blackard of Peoria, Illinois; 8 grandchildren, 16 great-grandchildren and two great-great grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her parents; a brother, Elmer J. Darneille; a sister, Helen J. Black and a son, Byron L. Stafford. Memorial donations may be made to Newman United Methodist Church or Josephine County Historical Society. A memorial service will be at 11:00 a.m., Saturday, October 3, 2015, at Newman United Methodist Church. Hull & Hull Funeral Directors is in charge of arrangements. Please visit the obituary and sign Margaret’s Tribute Wall at

Did you know?  If you shop at after clicking on the Amazon ad on either of our websites, or a portion of the amount you spend is deposited in the RVGS bank account.  So far this year RVGS received $130.58 from those purchases.   You can also contribute to RVGS by using the Amazon Smile program while on the website.  We are registered there as Rogue Valley Genealogical Society.
Fred Meyer CardYet another way to donate to RVGS is to link your Fred Meyer rewards card to RVGS.   This does NOT reduce your personal savings at Fred Meyer.)  Follow the instructions below to link you card to RVGS:

1.Go to
2.Right under the search box on the Fred Meyer homepage, click the word Rewards, on the pop-up menu, click on Community Rewards.
3.If you have not signed in you will need to sign in at this point. If you have not registered your card/created your account, you’ll have to do it at this point.
4.On the Community Rewards page, about half-way down the page, click on Link Your Rewards Card Now.
5.In the box below, “Enter your organization’s number or at least 3 letters of your organization’s name and click Search.” Type: Rogue Valley Genealogical Society OR  type 91873
6.Click the circle in front of our name
7.Click Enroll

Submitted by Rich Miles, RVGS Finance Director

Time to start thinking about taxes…
With your help, the Jackson County Genealogy Library mortgage of $325,000 has been reduced to just over $61,000! Our goal to, “Burn the Mortgage,” for the 50th Anniversary of JCGL in 2016 is approaching fast.
Your donation before the end of this year can serve us both…receive a tax deduction just by donating to the “Leave a Legacy” drive and help us maintain JCGL for generations to come.
Contributing is easy, simply go to and click on the Donate button to make a donation online, or you can mail or drop off a donation at the library at 3405 South Pacific Hwy, Medford, 97501. When donating, please designate that funds are to go the Leave a Legacy Fund.
All donations are tax deductible as RVGS is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. If you take Required Minimum Distributions, you can donate all or any part of the distribution directly; send your request to the administrator of your fund. In addition, if you donate a matching amount to the Oregon Cultural Trust, you can receive a tax credit for the ENTIRE amount of your donation. See below (“Double Your Tax Deduction”) and/or go to for more details. (Note, the RVGS/JCGL address still shows as Phoenix on their web site, we are working to get that changed.)

Let’s Leave A Legacy To Our Descendants In The Jackson County Genealogical Library!
Leave a LegacyTHANK YOU to ALL of our Leave A Legacy donors thus far in 2015!
Marilyn Ayres, Marilyn Bamford, Michael Benke, Anne Billeter, Diane Brenner, Charleen Brown, Alan Buchta, Wayne Cabler, Linda Carr, Carolyn Craig, Richard Croly, Carita Culmer, Catherine Culver, Pam D’Allura, Charles & Colleen Eccleston, Terry Fischer, Ruth Gerety, Beth Gilmore, Robert Hawk, Linda Hildreth, Monty & Carol Holst, Larry Horton, Horton Family Foundation, Sheila & Roy Kimball, Ben & Susan Law, Linda Lipkind, Barbara & Richard MacMillen, Patsy Marcy, Bruce McGarvey, Nick Mercedes, Susan Milburn, Betty Miller, Helaine Noble, Sally Riehl, Carl Shauger, George & Donna Strader, Jan Stutts, April Thomas, Judith Uherbelau, Nancy Vaughn, Evelyn Williams, Jackie Wobbe

5-60Thank you to all our 5/60 club donors thus far in 2015!
Colista Bailey, Albert Beron, Albert M. Beron Family Trust, Carolyn Beron, Carolyn Craig, Anne Billeter, Charles & Colleen Eccleston, Kendall Engelund, Terry Fischer, Marie Fulbright, Elizabeth Gilmore, Gene & Charlotte Henry, Ann Horton, Sheila Kimball, Ray Kimball, Steve Kious, Norbert Leiberg, Barbara & Richard MacMillen, Bruce McGarvey, Betty Miller, Andrea Patterson, Bob & Judi Pocan, Carl Shauger, Barbara Shrewsberry, John & Janie Stewart, April Thomas

Annual Fund Drive
Thank YouOur Annual Fund Drive has come to a close. THANK YOU to ALL of our Annual Fund Donors in 2015, we couldn’t have done it without you!
Karen Asche, Al & Marilyn Ayres, Gloria Bartlett, Anne Billeter, Leona Blankenship, Ellen Brannick, Pat Brewer, Darlene Brown, Charleen Brown, Jennifer Bryan, Vicki Anne Bryden, Alan Buchta, Mary Ann Byrne, Edith Carlson, William & Marion Collins, Carolyn Craig, Richard Croly, Carita Culmer, PJ D’Allura, Cara Davis-Jacobson, Marvin Depue, Chuck & Colleen Eccleston, Kathy Edwards, Sara Forbes, Doug Foster, Marie & Bryan Fulbright, Cheryl Haas, Barbara Hagen, Robert Hawk, Melinda Henningfield, Gene & Charlotte Henry, Alice Herzberg, Bruce Horton, Larry Horton, Carolee Jones, Ken Kelly, Flo Kemp, Ted & Rayda Kinney, Lynn Lamoree, Norbert Leiberg, Lynn Leissler, Alanna Malone, Barbara Matchett, Margaret McCown, Barbara Middaugh, Virginia Montes, Rich Miles, Helaine Noble, Dennis Patterson, Jack & Andrea Patterson, Wanda Perdue, Dorcas Phelan, Ida Pruitt, David Rodkey, Shirley Rhodes, Richard & Sonya Ritchie, David & Carol Rugg, Sybil Russell, Denise Salthouse, Karen Scott, Linda Sindt, Chloe Sternola, John & Janie Stewart, Dorothy Throne, Kim Thurman, James Williams, Gene & Carol Wolf

Oregon Cultural TrustReinforcing the financial strength of RVGS and its library is essential to continuing the preservation and promotion of family history research and our Southern Oregon Heritage. This work depends on contributions from our members and the public who use our services. A donation now to Rogue Valley Genealogical Society plus a matching donation to the Oregon Cultural Trust enable you to use your trust gift to claim a tax credit when you file your Oregon tax return. If you itemize on your federal tax return, you can claim both donations—double the deduction!
The Oregon Cultural Trust is a statewide plan to raise new funds to invest in Oregon’s arts, humanities and heritage. Funds are distributed to local communities to support their cultural priorities, through competitive grants for projects, and through grants to Oregon’s statewide cultural institutions/agencies in support of Oregon history and culture.
Contributions for the 2015 tax year must be made by December 31, 2015! You can contribute to RVGS by sending a check to 3405 S. Pacific Highway, Medford, OR 97501 or online at Matching contributions to Oregon Cultural Trust can be made by mail to Oregon Cultural Trust, 775 Summers St. NE, Suite 200, Salem, OR 97301 or online at Our legal title is Rogue Valley Genealogical Society, Inc.

Submitted by Nancy Roberts, Master Recycler
recyclingA few weeks ago some RV Society members asked if I would write an article about the new bottle recycle/redemption center in Medford.  Since many supermarkets no longer accept these cans and bottles, there may still be questions about what to do with your containers, what the new center is, how it works and where it’s located in our area.
I had an opportunity to tour the facility last week with other Master Recyclers.  Cherilyn Bertges, Public Relations and Outreach Manager for the Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative from the Portland area, conducted the tour.  She provided in-depth information about the program, early beginnings, how to use the full service site and plans for the future.
“The sites throughout Oregon; currently thirteen, are called BottleDrop Centers.  The BottleDrop Center concept was developed by and is operated and funded by the Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative. (OBRC).  The OBRC partners with participating grocery retailers.  The OBRC is a member-owned, cooperative corporation that acts on behalf of beverage distributors and administers Oregon’s bottle bill.  It picks up from nearly 3,000 grocery stores ~ then counts, sorts, crushes, bales and recycles millions of containers a day.  All at no cost to taxpayers.”
While the BottleDrop Centers are a DIY delivery system, compared to the former messy, unclean, sticky & often non-working can & bottle deposit sites at local supermarkets, the BottleDrop Centers offer a faster, cleaner, brighter, better way to return your bottles and cans.  Friendly & helpful staff are on site.  How does no lines, no machines, no waiting, no problem sound to you?  Indeed, a great improvement over what we had to deal with before.
The Medford BottleDrop Center is located at 1179 Stowe Avenue, Medford, off Rossanley Drive.  It is just west of the Rossanley Dr & Sage Rd intersection on the south side of the road.
You can register for an account at the BDC and pick up your BottleDrop account card and bags. For new accounts, the first two bags are free.  You will also receive a strip of barcode stickers unique to your account that you will place on your green bags.  Fill your bags at home with returnable bottles and cans.  Use the EZ Drop system and drop off your bags at the BDC any time day or night in the outside hopper/drop system (maximum two bags per day).  Your refund will be credited to your account within 48 hours. OR… are welcome to walk in and use the Self-Serve machines or the Hand Count option and get a refund using the onsite pay station.   You can redeem up to 350 bottles and cans per day.
If you have 50 or fewer containers to redeem, a customer service associate will be happy to assist you with your containers by hand counting.  You can be on your way with cash.  (up to $17.50 per person, per day)
You can also register for a BottleDrop Plus card.  Get 20% more for your bottle and can redemptions. You now have the option to choose 6¢ (per container) in the form of store credit at kiosks at participating BottleDrop Redemption Centers and retail grocery stores.
More detailed information on the Oregon bottle bill can be found through the Beverage Recycling Cooperative, at,  about the BottleDrop Centers  via email to A list of participating grocers is available at
Thank you for all you do for the health of our environment.



books & more books

921 Peyton
Peyton, Ruben E.
Journal to 1887 of Ruben E. Peyton

929.2 Deyo
Hasbrouck, Kenneth E.
Deyo (Deyoe) family

929.2 Glassell
Hayden, Horace Edwin
Virginia Genealogies: a Genealogy of the Glassell Families of Scotland and Virginia

929.2 Harllee
Harllee, William Curry
Kin folks: a genealogical and biographical record of Thomas and Elizabeth (Stuart) Harllee; Andrew and Agnes (Cade) Fulmore; Benjamin and Mary Curry; Samuel and Amelia (Russell) Kemp; John and Hannah (Walker) Bethea; Sterling Clark and Frances (King) Robertson; Samuel and Sophia Ann (Parker) Dickey
v. 1
v. 2
v. 3
v.4 Index

929.2 Hoopes
Hoopes Family Record
V. 1
V. 2

929.2 Page
Page, Richard Channing Moore
Genealogy of the Page family in Virginia

929.2 Robinson
Robinson, Thomas Hastings
Thomas Robinson and his descendants

941.74 B352 Lan
Langan-Egan, Maureen
Galway women in the nineteenth century

974.733 H388 Smi
Smith, James
1683 History of Duchess County, New York

975.5 C338 Wil
Wilson, Howard McKnight
Lexington Presbytery Heritage: The Presbytery of Lexington and its churches in the Synod of Virginia Presbyterian Church in the United States

975.5 H388 Keg
Kegley, F. B.
Kegley’s Virginia frontier: The Beginning of the Southwest; the Roanoke of Colonial Days 1740-1783

977.792 H388 Lit
Littler, Nathan
Littler’s History of Washington County 1835-1875 [Iowa]

977.792 H388 Lit Index
Littler, Nathan
Littler’s History of Washington County 1835-1875 [Iowa] Index and Edna L. Jones prints of Washington Iowa Homes

979.418 H388 His
History of Sonoma County [California]

979.529 S227 Ump
Umpqua 1957 [Yearbook of Roseburg Senior High School, Roseburg, Oregon]
Umpqua 1959 [Yearbook of Roseburg Senior High School Roseburg, Oregon]

979.535 B352 Lin
Linn County, Oregon, Pioneer Settlers
Vol. 5
Vol. 6
Vol. 7
Vol. 8

979.535 B352 McC
McCoy, J. Fred
Biography of John McCoy with a Brief History of Linn County [Oregon]

979.535 H388 Car
Carey, Margaret Standish
Halsey: Linn County’s Centennial City [Oregon]

979.535 T191 Lin
Linn County, Oregon: Early 1850 Records

979.776 H388 Per
Perry, Fredi
Port Madison Washington Territory 1854-1889

979.786 B352 Car
Carroll, Rene Johnston
Legendary Locals of Camas and Washougal [Washington]

Circ 979.786 P273 Cla
Clark County History [Washington]
V. 6 1965
V. 7 1974
V. 8 1979

Circ 979.8 G242 Bra
Bradbury, Connie Malcolm
Alaska Sources

Magazines Recently Received
The most recent issue is shelved in the wire rack at the end of the 929.2 book stack
[Partial contents listed]

American Ancestors, v. 16, #3, Summer 2015
(Circ 974 P273 AA)

  • “Research Like a Pro:  NEHGS Experts Share their Top Tips”
  • “The Mystery of Christina:  Finding Nobility and Scandal in My German Ancestry”
  • “Beyond the Family Stories:  Reconstructing the Life of Daisy May Lawton”
  • “Witness to History:  Reflections on the Burial of Richard III”
  • “How Massachusetts Land Records Dismantled a Perry Family Brick Wall”
  • “Three Irish Lambert Immigrants to North America” [Genetics & Genealogy]

American Spirit, vol. 149, #5, September/October 2015
(Circ 929.05 AmS)

  • “A Limitless Horizon” [DAR’s visionary first leaders began their journey]
  • “A Responsibility to Preserve” [DAR saving endangered historic sites, plus]
  • “Sharing a Wealth of Data With the World” [offering public access]
  • “Illustrating the Vibrancy of Today’s DAR”

Colorado Genealogist, v. 76, #3, August 2015
(Circ 978.8 P273 Col)
“Bible Record of the Shook and Teats family”

Oklahoma Genealogical Society Quarterly, v. 60, #3, September 2015
(Circ 976.6 P273 OGS)selections from the first and eighth pages of the Britton Weekly                                     Sentinel, Britton, Oklahoma, dated March 20, 1908.  Vol. 1, No. 2
Oregon Historical Quarterly, v. 116, #3, Fall 2015
(Circ 979.5 P273 OHQ)

  • “’This Is Where We Want To Stay’:  Tejanos and Latino Community Building in Washington County”
  • “Promoting Tourism and Development at Crater Lake:  The Art of Grace Russell Fountain and Mabel Russell Lowther”
  • “Letters to Klickitat Street, 1940-1945”
  • “The Story of the 1942 Attack on Fort Stevens”
  • “Restoring the Morrow County Courthouse Clock:  An Eastern Oregon Correctional Clock-Making Trade School Project”


ancestry insiderThe Ancestry Insider provided the following information to an Ancestry user who wanted a copy of her public member tree on her own computer:

“A good way to copy information from’s member trees is to purchase Family Tree Maker. You can download all your information, including document images of the database images attached to your tree.
I use FTM as a backup to my tree, should the unthinkable happen. I think it is something we should all do, where ever we keep our tree. (Now, I just need to track down my disks to reload it on my new computer. Or did I download it?)
The Ancestry Insider”

Gena Philibert-Ortega is a genealogist and author of the book “From the Family Kitchen.” In this blog article, Gena examines the various social media channels that exist for genealogy and shows how they can help your family history research.
Follow this link, Genealogy Bank Blog, to read Gena’s blog post. She discusses Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, and GenealogyWise.

nehgs“Our online learning resources provide authoritative genealogical support for NEHGS members and family historians around the world. Developed by the experts at NEHGS, we offer live webinars and online courses, how-to videos, subject guides, downloads, and more. Check back often for updates and new resources. Access the expertise at NEHGS without leaving home!”

Boston University announces spring session dates for its two dynamic programs in online genealogical research programs.

Genealogy Essentials
This course is designed for genealogy enthusiasts who seek to improve their research skills and develop a better understanding of best practices in the field.

Certificate in Genealogical Research
This rigorous course will give you the skills, tools, methodology, and practice to take your genealogical research to the next level.

Enrollment deadline: December 16, 2015
Spring sessions start: January 19, 2016


SLIGThe Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy (SLIG) is a week-long intensive educational experience that takes students deep into their topic of choice. Students attending SLIG have the opportunity to advance their education with renowned genealogy experts during a week-long experience, network through special events, and tap into the wealth of resources at the nearby Family History Library.

Sponsored by the Utah Genealogical Association, SLIG is celebrating its 21st year, and is dedicated to remaining in the forefront of education on methodology and emerging technologies by offering a variety of courses – from country-focused to technology-based to records rich.

Schedule:  SLIG opens with a welcome reception and registration on Sunday evening, January 10th and ends with a banquet on Friday evening, January 15th.  Courses 12 and 13 meet on Sunday afternoon. Classes run Monday through Friday.

Course Levels:  SLIG is dedicated to offering courses that fill a high-intermediate and advanced-level educational need.  We additionally offer a handful of courses structured to help intermediate and transitional genealogists strengthen their core understanding of the research process. Each course offers twenty-five hours of in-depth genealogical instruction over a five-day period, with the exception of the Problem Solving and Advanced Practicum courses, which are structured to focus on research with two hours in the classroom daily.  Please read the course descriptions carefully.

From Genealogy in Time Magazine,

ancestryTwo announcements out of this summer suggest the company has made an important change in their future growth strategy. The first was an announcement of the launch of a new service called AncestryHealth. This service allows users to combine their personal family health knowledge with family trees that have been created on Ancestry websites. The second was an announcement that AncestryDNA had sold the results of DNA sequences collected from some one million Ancestry customers to a Google-affiliated company called Calico. Calico is focused on longevity research. What makes the dataset so valuable to Calico is both its size and the fact that it comes with extensive family trees. Calico will be studying the DNA results combined with the family trees of Ancestry’s DNA customers to look for patterns in longevity across families.

These two announcements combined represent an interesting transition for The company appears to be making the jump from provider of historical records for past generations to keeper of life records for the current generation. Considering that Ancestry websites control a combined 35% of internet genealogy traffic (see Top 100 Genealogy Websites of 2015), this is an interest shift in strategy for Ancestry and for the genealogy marketplace at large.

In the future, there might be more money to be made managing (and selling) the lifestyle data of the current generation than the historical records of past generations.


FTM 2014New features on the patron computers include the addition of genealogy software that you can use while at the library.   Bring your data on a flash drive and/or save it in you Cloud account, such as DropBox, then upload your data to the appropriate software on the library computers.   If you make changes in your file while working at the library be certain you save you data before you leave.  Any changes made to patron computers will be gone the next day.   The software packages we are making available to you Ancestral Quest, Family Tree Maker, Family Tree Builder, Legacy, and RootsMagic.   We also provide Personal Historian, software intended to help you write your family history.   For your information, Family Tree Maker files will sync with Ancestry family trees, Family Tree Builder files will sync with My Heritage family trees, and the remaining programs all sync with Family Tree on Family Search.

GepproOn the desktop, under the links to IrfanView (image-handling software) and Open Office (a free substitute for Microsoft Office) we have added a link to Google Earth Pro.   Google Earth Pro has only recently been made available free to all users.  The license key is GEPFREE; download a free copy to your own computer.   Use Google Earth Pro to map your family’s migration, post photos of people and buildings, post deeds and documents, etc.  You must login with your Google account to save your maps.

The bookmarks bar in the browser, just under the address bar, shows only three bookmarks.

  • The first is for Google – Use this link to access email setup for you use on each patron computer and to search for your World Wide Web.  To search put the ancestor’s name in quotes  “John Paul Jones”, and the location, e.g. Arkansas, and a timeframe, e.g.,  1840..1880.
  • The second is Mocavo – Mocavo is a search engine like Google but is attuned to people and relationships, i.e., it is the genealogist’s search engine.  Mocavo Gold will be available on patron computers for the next few months.  Take advantage of this opportunity to try it out.
  • The third is to Family History Library Favorites.  If you are looking for records in specific locality or of a specific type you can quickly find relevant links in this collection created by the Family History Library in Salt Lake City.

We have added a brand spanking new copier printer in the patron area.  We’re hoping you will have no difficulty copying documents you need while at the library.

Come in soon and try out these new additions.

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Land Terms for Genealogists: D is for Donation Land – The In-Depth Genealogist

As the United States established claims on lands in the North American continent, there were times when they needed settlement to fortify those claims. To accomplish this, Congress allowed for donation land grants in Florida, Oregon and Washington Territories and in New Mexico.

Source: Land Terms for Genealogists: D is for Donation Land – The In-Depth Genealogist

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Share Your AncestryDNA Ethnicity Results

Source: Share Your AncestryDNA Ethnicity Results

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GenealogyBank September 2015 Newsletter

Source: GenealogyBank September 2015 Newsletter


TOPICS:  Was Your Ancestor’s Marriage Certificate Filed Late?

How to Research Legal Notices, and others

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Postcards From my Grandfather – The In-Depth Genealogist

As a young boy I would spend a couple of weekends per year at my grandparents’. There was one thing in their house that fascinated me greatly: a brown envelope, containing pictures, postcards and some other documents from the time my grandfather was in Germany.

Source: Postcards From my Grandfather – The In-Depth Genealogist

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Mourning in the Victorian Era


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Findmypast Fridays | News |

Source: Findmypast Fridays | News |



Irish Newspapers  ›

Evening Freeman

6 brand new titles and over 724,000 new articles are now available to search in our collection of historic Irish Newspapers. These latest additions include titles from several countries as well as a national publication – The Evening Freeman.

New articles have also been added to existing titles including substantial updates to the Belfast Commercial Chronicle, Clare Journal, Ennis Advertiser and The Pilot. The entire collection now contains more than 10.5 million article point, all of which are fully searchable. The archive covers over 230 years of Ireland’s history (1719-1950) and currently includes 88 titles.

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